We are created in a holistic fashion

We are mind body and spirit. You cannot dissect a human being and separate the three, everything is interconnected, that is where the word holistic comes from, it relates to the belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected. We cannot separate the effects of our living and thinking from our physical wellbeing. There is a mind body connection, what we think affects our physical bodies. Hope is like an anchor of the soul, when our thoughts change, our bodies change. Positive and negative beliefs impact every area of our lives.

Medical experts agree that our thoughts have an amazing impact on our health. Human emotions are the key to success in fighting illness. When a doctor encounters a patient with a terminal diagnosis and gives them a negative report, hopelessness fills their mind and their immune system will not fight. However, if you put the same statement of the same diagnosis to a survivor and see there is hope their immune system will start fighting. They go from hopelessness to hope, again we see the mind body connection.

“negative thinking leads to stress, which affects our bodies natural healing capacity” Herbert Benson MD

Our beliefs are like filters on a camera, changing how we see the world. Our biology, our physical being, adapts to those beliefs.

A belief creates a loop, you keep believing. Since the human mind cannot distinguish reality from imagination, we should always fill our minds with good, positive, kind and lovely thoughts. Our minds should be filled with peace which will bring healing into our bodies. When our thoughts are filled with stress, fear, worry, anxiousness and tension we remove peace from our minds. As our mind clutter with the toxicity of these things our bodies start to lose energy, our immune system lowers, and we are more susceptible to disease (dis-ease).

We cannot eliminate wrong emotions like anger, bitterness, envy or resentment, all the emotions that are against somebody who hurt us, betrayed us, or said something that was untrue – by willpower. Our will does not have control over our emotions. We cannot will out worry or fear from our lives. But our will does have complete control over our actions and actions change emotions. When we involve ourselves in good actions it can alter our emotions about others and also change our emotions about life. We can learn to have a happy life; we can learn to be happy.

Medical science has confirmed that when we are in a state of mind fixed on good and pleasant thoughts, we perform better and feel better. People who practice thinking pleasant and positive thoughts can see, smell, taste and hear better. Good medicine is laughing, relaxing, being happy. Happiness is not in our future, one day when the bills are paid, when we have everything we need. Happiness is in our present, it is right now! We can be happy now, it is a mental habit, a mental attitude.

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