Nourish to flourish!
4 week Self Care program

Self care practices for a healthy mind, body and soul

Are you busy and forget to take care of yourself? Do you feel battered from exhaustion and operating in a mental fog? 

In the coming weeks you will learn:

  • The mind body connection and how you can use relaxation and mindfulness to ensure you live with grace under pressure and successfully handle life’s challenges.

  • What is physically happening to your body during times of stress and how you can use this to recognise the signs and help promote your own wellbeing.

  • The pursuit of happiness and what it is that makes YOU tick.

  • Learn and use inspiring tools to help you hit the reset button and feel more balanced.

  • How you can align your priorities and how to make choices to navigate your way through life and fulfil your dreams and purpose

2hr weekly program over 4 weeks via group Zoom sessions 

AUD$220 including Welcome Pack and FREE resources.

Contact us or book online to reserve your place!